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Dated back to Sanlihang Business in 1997, kingdom abrasives co.,ltd was not founded until 2001. Located in the world-renowned manufacturing city of Dongguan, it enjoys convenient transportation, covering 10,000 square meters. The company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of thin film abrasive paper, precision film abrasive band, precision grinding roll, velvet / gluing abrasive paper, flat abrasive cloth wheel, vertical abrasive cloth wheel, handle-attached wheel, wire wheel and other products. These products have been widely used in ultra-precision grinding, industrial grinding and polishing, furniture beauty, car beauty, decoration, nail cosmetology and many other areas.  
In recent years, kingdom implements quality development strategy, process reengineering and the optimization of industrial chain, and fully builds the core competitiveness of enterprises, and identifies the value of business and product coordinates. It is committed to building coated abrasive tool industry to be bigger and stronger, and has made a fruitful breakthrough in the R & D and promotion of abrasive paper and film abrasive paper, adhesive synthesis, flat wheel matrix production, flat wheel equipment technology research and development, marketing network and brand building, thus becoming one of South China’s professional high-grade coated abrasive tool companies that integrates the complete industrial chain of research and development, manufacturing and marketing.    
The company adheres to the goal of " always be people-oriented, cultivate expert-type practitioners, create excellent groups, and achieve prospering business based on technology", focuses on the main theme of scientific and technological innovation, takes the road of integrating production, learning and research, establishes joint research and development mechanism with a number of domestic universities, and focuses on innovation strategy, project, talent, investment, intellectual property protection, brand building, enterprise information operation and promotion, with a view to forging the propeller of technological innovation, low-cost manufacturing capacity, rapid allocation of resources, and market development capabilities. Meanwhile, it makes continuous improvement in the development and application of new products, new materials, new technology, and new equipment, and provides the market with high value-added and cost-effective products and services. At present, its well-known brands "Dongsheng", "Gurui" "Dimeisi" has gradually become the benchmark for the independent research and development and independent brand building in coated abrasive tool industry. Dongsheng products find application in more and more areas, and Dongsheng name has been recognized by more and more customers. Dongsheng products have won the Gold Award of "Hong Kong International New Products and New Technology Expo", and their quality has reached the leading level of Chinese counterparts and the world's advanced national level. In terms of production scale, it is now at the forefront of the industry in China, and it now has 39 patents, as well as 16 high-tech reserves. 
After years of development, Dongsheng has been very fruitful, and has been rated as “Enterprise Putting Contract First and Credit First” for many times by Administration of Industry and Commerce at provincial and municipal levels. The company’s marketing network covers more than 20 provinces, and is extended to East Asia, Europe and the United States.